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About US

JSTexteis, established in 1977, is a textile company, we produce items for your home as: article for bed, table, the bedding industry, confection, decoration, among others.
We produce a vertical system, controlling the entire production process from product creation, production, confection and packaging.

In conjunction with our customers we develop specific designs and colors as well as different types of finishing in the confection of them. In terms of fabrics, developed with different raw materials and different finishes. In the textile sector, our product range is wide, highlighting the bedspreads, duvets and blankets.

Our installed capacity allows us to offer a quick response in quantity and diversity according to the most demanding customers, making José Salgado as a privileged partner, not only in terms of supply but also in terms of development of new products, new techniques and solutions . As such, we are ready to welcome you in a family atmosphere.

Good Business.



The process of weaving is one of the oldest activities known, and the result of this process, the fabrics, is still very important to be associated with various utilities. If in the past were found few options yarns for weaving, currently the textile follows the evolution of industrial processes. Today the industrial offer a multitude of fibers and yarn options that make up the tissues delicate textile structures with high performance, such as Kevlar, very durable and lightweight.



We have the know-how of some 40 years, this brand "JS TEXTILES" in the manufacture of products made in Portugal.



The fundamental essence of storage is the flow of materials between commercial and operational functions, varying as a function of demand and production.



The JOSE SALGADO, a platform in the business world in the row of textile products for Portuguese households, European, American, African and global, will remain in the future, one of the leading exponents of this sector that contributes to the Portuguese GDP.

The management and all employees of José Salgado & C. Ltd, Industry Home Textiles and Garment, believe in bet on new trends in the sector, - concern for the design and fashion trends, technology, ecology and recycling allow, on the one hand, streamline as much as possible, and secondly, to demonstrate high efficiency. they believe today that the 50 years of existence and experience combined with these ideologies are the solutions to ensure the future of the company!

Production Process


    It prepared the design and planning made according to customer request.


    We have the best equipment to service professionals and experienced seamstresses.


    So the item arrives to you in top condition is packed and packed accordingly.

Differentiation of JS

  • Drawing
  • Fabric
  • Finish
  • José Salgado works to provide the best and have high quality control.